Tower Power - new form of Community Energy

"Tower Power is an emerging community-led alternative to standard customer and supplier relationships, where the community has control to negotiate cheaper energy for everyone and benefit from local, sustainable generation.

The project is supported by the Scottish Government's Local Energy Challenge Fund, and following the implementation of the project for a community in Edinburgh, Tower Power aims to become a replicable model for communities seeking a local energy solution."

"Over time, the aim is for the Dumbiedykes community to take full control of the project by forming a Board and gain the skills and experience required to service Tower Power members and sustain the project."

Comas is a community development agency tackling poverty, of which fuel poverty is an important
dimension. In Dumbiedykes Tower Power will be backed by 20 More, a project aiming to make every
household better off, so it is embedded in activity which is already tackling poverty in the area.
67 Dumbiedykes Road


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